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Zofia Elisabeth Loave


Zofia has neutral undertone skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. Her height is 138.4 centimetres tall, and her star sign is Gemini.

Personality Characteristics

Zofia usually goes by Zoe, and she is a very good-mannered young lady. She is very responsible, creative, and adventurous. Zoe can sometimes be very emotional but that is most likely since she is a growing young lady. Even then, she is very in tune with her emotions. She is highly intelligent, and members of her family refer to her as a whiz kid.


She loves singing and dancing, but her true passion is science and space. She enjoys watching all the news that have to do with NASA and is constantly learning about our universe. She also loves watching anime and reading manga. Her parents worry because she will randomly start speaking Japanese (she has picked up quite a bit of the language just by watching anime shows).

Zofia was born on 4th June 2010 in Sunset Valley, the daughter of John Loave and Terry Loave.

Zofia is the youngest member of the Loave Family. She often referred to as the family’s prodigy, although all three kids are just as equality smart. Zofia is just the one that shows off her achievements the most. Zofia has always been incredibly supportive of her siblings and enjoys encouraging them on their goals and passions, like Jake’s passion for comedy and Jane’s violin performances.

Zofia is very smart at school and her passions are science and she hopes to eventually become an astronaut. She also enjoys watching anime and reading manga. Her intelligence is so great that she has been able to successfully pick up the Japanese language from just watching and reading Japanese anime. Zofia is often the one that approaches her family members whenever she notices any one of them are upset. She loves being around them and cheering them up.


Zofia Elisabeth is the youngest member of the Loave family and one of the most intelligent out of the bunch. Ever since she began walking, she has always shown advanced emotional intelligence. Her family refers to her as Zoe, but she does not really like this, if it were up to her, she would have everyone call her by her name because it is what she prefers. During her early years in school, her teachers were always amazed at how interest Zofia showed for space and the stars. She knew all the planets by heart by the time she was five years old and the constellations by the time she was eight. She continues to study and memorise her facts about space and the universe because she hopes to become an astronaut. Her dream is to be the first woman to reach Mars.

Zofia is always entering competitions and science fairs at school. She enjoys producing projects to portray her love for the milky way. Even though she is highly intelligent and bright in school, Zofia does not lack friends. In fact, she is an extremely popular young girl in her school. Teachers love her because she will often motivate under performing students to do better. One of her most recent achievements was building a true to scale model of our solar system. Zofia took the liberty of calculating all the numbers and hand carved the planets out of Styrofoam balls. Her project won first place in her science competition and very prestigious schools already have an eye on her.

People may also say that Zofia has the gift of tongues because of how easily she was able to pick up Japanese. After watching anime and reading manga as a hobby, she learned enough Japanese to hold a full conversation. For her tenth birthday, she asked her parents to take her to a Japanese restaurant in which she was able to talk to the head chef fully in Japanese. The restaurant hosts were overly impressed and gave her the meal for free. Even though Zofia is incredibly talented and intelligent, this has never gotten to her head. She is just going on along with life as if everyone else is doing the same. Zofia never truly has realised the effect she has on other people and how she leaves them dumbfounded.

Authored by andreaserrat538 from Fiverr.