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Terry Marie Flores Loave


Terry has neutral undertone skin, blue eyes and blond hair and height is 182.88 centimetres tall. She is the mother of the Loave Family, and her star sign is Virgo.

Personality Characteristics

Terry is a very practical, sensible, and loyal woman. She is very loving towards her husband and her family. However, she can sometimes be a little bit of a perfectionist and often looking for ways to improve the practical.


Terry loves spending time with her family, so much so that shortly after having her kids, she quit working to be at home full time.

Terry was born on 20th September 1985, in Pleasant View.

She is the mother of the Loave Family and stepmother to Jane. She was Stacey’s midwife and friend before Jane was born. However, when Stacey decided she did not want to be in Jane and John’s life, she left, and Terry was the only there to pick up the pieces. She became a mother figure to Jane and a great friend to John.

Terry has always been loyal to her family and when she fell in love with John, it was as if the universe had aligned for them.


Terry was not always part of the Loave family, but she was always a constant in their lives. Terry has always been an ambitious but loving woman. When she was young, she was always fascinated with science. As she got older, she decided she wanted to study it more in depth. She went on to become a doctor but eventually moved on to be a midwife. Being a doctor was taking a big toll on her mental health, and she often found herself growing too attached to her patients. She decided to move on to be a midwife and help women deliver their babies at home. Which is how she first meeting the Loave family. John hired her to help his ex-wife deliver their very first baby into the world. John’s ex-wife was nervous about delivering at a hospital which is why they opted for having a midwife deliver their baby at home. Terry met the couple exceedingly early in the pregnancy and became particularly good friends with both. Terry then helped deliver Jane into this world.

Shortly after Jane’s birth, John’s wife decided she no longer wanted to be part of the family and she left. John was devastated and heart broken, this was when Terry decided to stick around to help care for Jane. Terry could not imagine baby Jane without a mother. She moved into the house as a babysitter but eventually fell in love with John. Even though Terry is not Jane’s biological mother, she has always been a mother to her, and Jane has always called her mom. Terry helped John get through the divorce and eventually got engaged and then married Terry, Jake’s mother. John constantly tells Terry that she is the glue that keeps his family together.

After her second child, Zoe, Terry decided she wanted to stay home with her kids. However, she ended up taking multiple different cooking and baking classes. She found that cooking and baking was just as fun as being a doctor. Terry also loves to travel and will always organise fun vacation trips for her family. She has a checklist and a world map of every single place she would like to go to. The last trip they took was to Hawaii, but she is secretly saving up money to take Zoe to Japan because of how much she loves anime and the Japanese food. She knows that this will be a dream come true for little Zofia and she deserves it after how good she has been doing in school.

Authored by andreaserrat538 from Fiverr.