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John Franklyn Loave


John has warm undertone skin, brown eyes, brown hair, a bodybuilder & very muscular and his height is 243.84 centimetres tall. He is the father of the Loave Family, and his star sign is Cancer.

Personality Characteristics

John is a very handy and ambitious. He is often serious and quiet, but it is not because he is upset, he is just an introvert. He enjoys the quiet around him. Although he is mostly serious, he is a very loving parent. Throughout the years he built an extraordinarily strong relationship with Jane.


John loves going to the gym to work on his body building. He is constantly trying to beat his previous weight and exercise records. He likes going to the gym, putting on a pair of headphones and just working out for a couple of hours. Currently works as a Firefighter but it was not always that way.

John was born on 20th July 1981 in Pleasant View.

He is the father of the Loave Family. He is currently working as a firefighter at their local fire station. He used to be a chef but became enthusiastic about firefighting, shortly after the restaurant where he was working at caught fire. He had one daughter with his first wife, Stacey but then she left him.

John eventually married Terry (Stacey’s midwife) and they continued to grow the family. John is a very loveable individual and loves being around his family.


John has always been a very reserved person. After high school, he decided that he wanted to be a chef. He went to an incredibly famous culinary art school to learn everything he could about cooking. He loved it. After graduating from the culinary art school, John began searching for jobs as a top chef at multiple restaurants. He was in love with cooking, but he was more in love with food. For a couple of years John worked at a restaurant and even met his first wife (Stacey). Stacey was working as a server/host at the restaurant when John was working there. They fell in love and soon they were married and expecting their first child (Jane). Few months before the arrival of their baby girl, the restaurant caught on fire and John was traumatised. It is possible that this affected Stacey in such a way that made her want to leave her family too.

John became very enthusiastic about firefighting because they saved his life. It was then that he decided to pursue a career as a firefighter. He enrolled in the academy and certified as a first responder. Shortly after the birth of his daughter, his wife Stacey, left him and his small family. John was devastated and gave himself over completely as a father. This attracted the attention of his babysitter; Terry and they swiftly fell in love. They eventually went on to grow their family and became a very close-knit family. Terry was always extremely supportive of John and his passions. She eventually decided to stay home and focus her time on their family.

As a firefighter, John has very strange working hours and this is why having Terry home all the time was great for their family. John is hopeful to eventually become a fire captain for his station. During his time with the firefighters, John also had a very drastic change in his relationship with food. He figured it was an enjoyable time to change the focus and pay closer attention to his health. He began working out in the gym and changed his diet to a better balanced one.

Authored by andreaserrat538 from Fiverr.